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Local SEO for Brisbane based photography PostStudio

Chronicle your personal and professional milestones

The Hero

PostStudio is a Brisbane-based photography business specialising in events, BTS and commercial photography services.

Being in business for nearly a decade and working at huge Middle East events as a backstage photographer and having experience in graphic and scene-designs Ilya had a good clients portfolio through special directories but wanted to have his own website.

While BTS and still units photography are his passion, entering the niche for an overseas specialist may take time, so keeping the source of income from the other services were critical.

Project scope:

●  Brand messaging creation

●  Competitors analysis

●  Keywords research

●  Website copywriting

 Local On-page SEO

Ilya wanted to sound easy going and approachable, while creating trust and credibility in the industry.

The Story

During our interview a very surprising yet crucial factor appeared. Ilia wasn’t alone. His wife Anna is not only his partner in life but his right and left hands, his admin, his communicator and planner in business – a photographer assistant.

It helped to create the unique proposition for PostSudio and suggested to create a brand story around Ilya and Anna. A unit, a photography squad was born within PostStudio. They have more to offer than just a photographer and post editing services.

While the key research for wedding and commercial photography wasn’t hard and we filled the gaps of their competitors using the on-page SEO, finding the right words for film backstage photography service needed more time.

Literate content translation from your background language into English is always a bad idea. Not only you don’t sound local but also miss huge opportunities speaking the common language to your audience from the industry.

The Reward

After hours of extensive research throughout film industry I was rewarded with specific key words they wanted to be known for that I never knew before. Using the best practises of local SEO for each page we will increase their business visibility for Brisbane location and Australia clients.

I created a concise storytelling frame with headlines and highlighted bullet lists for catchy and easy to flow service descriptions which worked perfectly with photo assets showing up Ilia’s work.

In the brand story throughout the website Anna became not just an assistant for a photographer but a valuable business partner Ilya couldn’t run his business without.

Surely, we are friends now! Guys created brilliant images for our huge family event and I continue to work with them for my clients’ projects.

From the moment you land on the PostStudio website you catch the vibe of almost a brutal yet very professional, creative and attentive to details team that will chronicle every milestone of your private and business life.

The Tribute

Over 3 years we dreamt about our own website for photography services. However, the lack of knowledge and skills in copywriting and SEO, kept us away from that dream.
In one of the posts on Facebook, someone highly recommended Anna as a professional copywriter. Without any hesitations we contacted her and our cooperation had began.
Anna's thorough approach to our project was impressive from the start.
During the project interview, we discussed all the necessary points and questions regarding our brand as well as the sale of our services. Anna meticulously collected all our ideas, thoughts, our visualisations for our future website.
Starting something from scratch is not an easy task, therefore, we gladly entrusted the creation of our website to a professional.
There were days and nights of a hard work and considerations of many nuances such as: subtle description of us as a team; clear and detailed description of our services; competitor analysis; photo evaluation; selection of keywords that cover our target audience exactly; analysis and improvement of our Google profile; website structure and its format; recommendations of cool features in terms of marketing and promotion.
Although there’s still a lot to go. The fact that our project is in the safe hands of such a talented copywriter gave us a piece of mind.
We look forward to further cooperation with Anna and highly recommend her to those who have creative ideas but need a professional to get their project off the ground.

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