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Want to work with me? 

My process is customised to suit individual clients, but there are some key steps we need to take together

— discovery call

— project starter

— research

— copywriting

— follow up

Discovery call

I want to discover everything! 


  • Who you are

  • What your business is

  • What your products / services are

  • What you want to do

  • Your goals

  • Your dreams

  • How we can best help you


Once we have this information, we can finalise the brief and look at getting started!

Project starter

This is where things really kick off.

  • I prepare your proposal 

  • We sign off everything together

  • You pay your deposit

  • We will be ready to get started!


There are a few steps I need to take before actually writing your content, including:


  • Industry research to learn about your chosen industry

  • Competitor research to better understand your brand and where it sits or will sit in the market

  • Keyword research to refine the important buzzwords to make your website pop in the search engines


This is where the magic happens! I get to take everything I have learned about you, your company, your brand, products and services and put it into words. My standard process is:


  • First Draft

  • Feedback and amendments

  • Second Draft

  • Proofreading and final delivery

  • Final payment

Featured client service

As one of my valued clients, you will get:


  • Case study on my website

  • Backlink to your website

  • Social media post with a business recommendation from me

Follow up after three months

After investing so much time and energy into your journey, this is one of my favourite parts – I love to hear how you’re feeling, how everything is working out and if there is anything more you need.

Don’t hold your dream back. I will help you.

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