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There’s only one opportunity to make a first impression

Have you thought about the importance of what is written on your packaging?

The impact it has on people who have purchased from you?

How it can be used to increase your sales?

The end user experience is a key part of the purchasing process, and ensuring your customers are feeling good when they receive their package is so rewarding. 

Packaging content writing

Whether you sell your products in stores or deliver to homes, your packaging should create interest, be remembered and stand out amongst hundreds of boxes on the shelves and your competitors’ designs.






Packaging copy can:

  • Act as an ad.

  • Tell the brand story

  • Describe the product

  • Highlight benefits

  • Create user experience

  • Build trust 

Crafting effective copy for packaging will include facts, persuasive language and creative flair. Don’t miss the last chance to close your sale with eye-catching copy.

Insert cards writing

Product cards are the first thing people see, and then read, when they open a package from your business. It’s a great way to communicate with clients, surprise them or win over a loyal customer.


They give your buyers that ‘new product’ feel, and the impression they’ve just been rewarded for purchasing from you.


Insert cards include:


  • Product information

  • Brand story

  • Features and benefits 

  • Materials and ingredients 

  • Care instructions

  • Call to action


Ask me how to keep your buyers happy from the first click on your website page to when the package arrives on their doorstep. Make your clients feel special and keep your customer service even after purchase. 

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