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Your passion converted to revenue. Make money doing what you love.

Products sold online face very different challenges to those sold in stores or face-to-face. I specialise in ecommerce writing and help your online store thrive, with customised copy written just for you and your business.

With ecommerce SEO services and writing I ensure:

— your site ranks well

— seen by target audience

— get more sales

These results will only come from good ecommerce writing and a solid understanding of your products.

Website structure

Have you considered the journey your site visitors will be on once they arrive on your page? 


Having the correct structure for your ecommerce page is vital. 


Key features of your site structure:

  • Easy and intuitive navigation

  • Space to grow

  • Fewer clicks to a product

  • Internal links

  • Fun & motivating UX 

  • Easy checkout


Make shopping with you fun, easy and satisfying

You need to know their history, what makes them different, what their angle is, how they’re approaching your market and where they’re succeeding. I’ll find the gaps to ensure your products fill them and we will decide together how to use their failings as your successes.  

Research for competitors

Competitor analysis is a key part of any business, but particularly ecommerce. 

A competitor’s report includes:

  • website performance & UX 

  • written & visual content

  • on-page SEO

  • off page SEO

  • local & live presence

  • advice on your strategy

Ecommerce SEO and keywords

Keyword research is super important for each page and each product. 

How these keywords are used and where they are located on your site can dictate how the page is treated by the search engines. 


The keywords report is based on industry and competitors research and includes titles & meta data, URL, headers and images optimisation for:

  • home

  • categories

  • products

  • faqs 

  • contact

  • blog topics


Don’t lose the “walk-in” traffic to your shop,  understand why your website users are searching for particular words and what they’re actually looking for. 

Here I write about the diversity behind your brand(s), how you change your client’s lives with your products and expand a bit more on your cultural background. 


Authenticity helps you connect and build trust with your website visitors and your target audience.

If they can understand who you are and what your brand is and means, they are not only more likely to stay and purchase, but they will return to do it again. 


Show your product to the world and tell your audience why they should buy from you and get started today

Cultural authenticity and copywriting

Why should people buy from you? Your story is so important – I want to help you tell it!

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