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How copywriting helps in developing brand identity?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

What is a brand identity, and why does it matter

Starting a business in a new country can be tough, especially if you are not a native English speaker.

Either you've already overcome a few challenges to establish your business or only think of it, keep going and congratulations on taking that bold step!

First, think what sets you apart from the local competitors. There are several things you can do to make the process easier and one of them is to create your brand identity with help of copywriting.

A brand identity is an emotional connection that consumers have with your company.

It's how people feel about your company, not just what they think about it.

"Do you know who your ideal customers are?"

"What are their needs? What do they care about?"

“Why are they going to choose your product or service?”

Words have power to evoke emotions, spark connections and build trust with your people.

And when you are new to a market, using clear, concise, and persuasive copy helps you quickly establish yourself as a credible and trustworthy business.

Let’s explore how copywriting helps you develop a strong brand identity and stand out in a crowded market.

The importance of the tone of voice (TOV)

TOV is the way you communicate with your customers. The language you use across all your marketing materials, messaging and style on your website and the words you use at networks and in your social media posts.

  • Are you formal, serious and powerful?

  • Are you approachable, easy to talk to and playful?

  • Are you knowledgeable, thoughtful and trustworthy?

When creating your tone of voice (TOV), simply talk to your friends or hire a professional copywriter to run an interview.

The words that you use most often when talking about your business vision and ideas are the core of your business.

You will be surprised how unconsciously they form the identity of your business, how it resonates with your values and personality and sets you apart from other players on the market.

When creating TOV, consider:

  • vocabulary

  • tone

  • rhythm

  • your personality

  • your values

  • industry you are in

Once you have identified the core words of your business, you can use them to create a strong brand identity. Stay consistent with that, so your followers and potential clients can recognise and relate to your brand.

Know your unique selling proposition (USP)

Questions you should ask yourself before starting any business or a campaign are important as they will give you some insights on how to communicate with the world, attract customers and grow your business.

Can you clearly answer

  • who you are?

  • what you do?

  • who you do it for?

  • why should they choose you?

Once you have a clear understanding of your USP, it will form all future decisions when developing your content strategy and sales efforts. Your USP should resonate with your people and encourage them to choose your business over the competition.

The tip: USP can lead you to a great tagline (slogan).

Here are a few examples of strong USPs:

Apple: "Think different."

Nike: "Just do it."

Tesla: "Accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy."

Patagonia: "The best gear for the wildest places."

Speake the language of your audience: creating buying personas

One of the most significant challenges faced by migrapreneurs is effective communication with a diverse customer base, particularly when you are dealing with a different cultural and linguistic backgrounds different from yours.

How can you truly speak the language of your audience?
Create buying personas for your brand!

A buying persona is a fictional story of your ideal customer, based on research and data about your target market. Creating personas (avatars) helps you identify the pain points, desires, and motivations of your target audience.

Then you can address their problems and offer solutions, considering their:

  • demographics

  • cultural background

  • language proficiency

  • online behaviour

  • values and interests

  • desires

For example, if you're a fashion brand targeting the young Gen-Z professionals, you might come up with a persona who values style, affordability and sustainability. With this understanding highlight your brand's trendy yet eco-friendly fashion choices at affordable prices speaking more casually and create short videos rather than long reads resonating deeply with your target audience.

By creating buying personas your will effectively communicate to locals overcoming language and cultural barriers.

Copywriting is a powerful tool that helps you develop a strong brand identity, showing up your personality, cultural background advantages and build emotional connection with your people.

As an migrapreneur, you have a unique story to tell and a distinct perspective to offer.

Be different. Be authentic. Be you.

Speak your accent and turn your cultural background differences into advantages for your business and for the benefits of your clients.

If you are not sure where to start or need a professional help, book your free, no-obligation consultation today. Let's discuss how to craft an engaging brand story and get your feet in a new market.

You can find some great examples of immigrant-owned businesses and their brand identity in my portfolio

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