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How copywriting helps in developing brand identity?

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

What is a brand identity, and why does it matter

A brand identity is a personality and emotional connection that consumers have with your company. It's how people feel about your company, not just what they think about it.

"Do you know who your ideal customer is?" "What are their needs? What do they care about?" “Why are they going to choose your product or service?”

Your visuals (which includes logo, colours and typography) are only one piece of branding. In this post, I give you tips about creating a brand identity for yourself or a client.

Your vision, idea and personality and the way you speak to your audience (the tone of voice) are crucial and come first.

Know your unique selling proposition (USP)

Questions you should ask yourself before starting any business or a campaign are important as they will give you some insights on how to communicate with the world, attract customers and grow your business.

If you can clearly say:

  • who you are?

  • what you do?

  • who you do it for?

  • why should they choose you?

It will form all future decisions when developing a content strategy for your marketing assets.

The importance of tone of voice (TOV)

When creating your tone of voice (TOV), talk to colleagues, friends or use a professional copywriter to perform an interview. The words that predominant in your talks about vision and business ideas and repetitively go across throughout the conversation are the core of your business.

You will be surprised how unconsciously they form the identity of your business, how it resonates with your values and personality and sets you apart from other players on the market.

When creating TOV, consider:

  • vocabulary

  • tone

  • rhythm

Visual style guide

After analysing a detailed briefing interview or a long chat with your partners, look through the competitors and brainstorm your visuals.

Now you are ready to create a cohesive visual identity. Logo, colours, iconographic, pictures and fonts come with how you speak and what words you use.

All your visuals and content, from social media to website copy and packaging and business cards at network’s cocktails, must be consistent and not confuse your prospective clients.

The tone of voice and unique selling proposition is just one way you can differentiate your brand.

Creating a personal brand identity that is memorable, authentic, and unique to the person or company is critical for success in today's competitive market.

I hope these tips have helped inspire you to create an unforgettable image for yourself or your clients!

If you need help getting started or rebranding your marketing strategy tailored specifically for your business needs, you know where to find me;-)

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