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5 Marketing Trends To Boost Your Business in 2023

Launch and grow your business with the best tech practices and personal approach to be ahead of your competitors.

2022 was overwhelming for the businesses rolling out the new Google algorithms, importance of video for social media and demand for more creative content.

2023 had started with the AI explosion, the panic for marketing experts and the excitement for business owners.

So, what are the marketing predictions for 2023?

How to promote your business?

What are the best practices to grow your business?

I’ve been analysing a lot of data and new trends and in this article I share with you the tips I’ll be implementing for my business in 2023.

1. Deliver quality

Businesses are busy entertaining their clients and forgetting about their mission, values and whys.

So number one rolls over for me every single year, because it’s one of my values.

Deliver quality.

There is nothing new here, but I think it's gonna become more important in 2023. Do what you love with quality, authenticity and with marketing and SEO basics in mind.

Please don't fall into the rabbit hole if you are launching or rebranding your website. Most website building platforms, like Wix, Wordpress or Tilda, have the SEO basics you need and will be enough for you to start with. If you want something advanced, well hire a developer or SEO copywriter to tweak things.

Because there’s always things to work on like schema, optimised images, URL and internal linking.

Sleep well at night! Creating reels involves the arduous tasks like brainstorming ideas, setting up, applying makeup, outfit changes and editing.

“But that’s what the algorithms want?”

Well, yes. But focus on your job. Deliver quality, create relationships with your audience and add value to your products or services.

Tweak things, add some tips into your packaging, give your clients 15 minutes for a FREE follow-up and ask how it is going and if they need any help.

Look around. The competition is crazy! But the quality has decreased.

Businesses are busy entertaining their clients and forgetting about their mission, values and whys.

Invest in the future, create reputation and trust and be ahead of your competitors.

2. AI generated content

Marketing is about emotion and robots cannot deliver that (and I hope they never will).

It’s everywhere. Everyone is talking about it. AI reminds me of the era when the internet appeared. It’s interesting, it’s scary and you want to try it out!

So in my opinion, be careful about it. Why?

Well it might sound like a game changer and saviour for all of your marketing needs and content creation.

But, it's only a tool. It doesn't replace copywriters and designers and other marketing roles. Marketing is about emotion and robots cannot deliver that (and I hope they never will).

Think about it. If you can delegate to a robot the idea of your business, the launch of your business, the process of your business and the growth of your business, maybe you should consider doing something else?

Google released the guidance for AI generated content and how to use it. It’s all about quality (see #1 ;-)) If you can afford your time learning how to leverage tools like ChatGPT to create authoritative, helpful and engaging content for your clients without losing your business workflow, then AI might work for you.

But don't forget to:

  • Stay human

  • Act like a human

  • Work for humans

3. Become your client

Create and write their story, the journey of your clients.

More than never step into your client’s shoes. Know and learn everything about them.

Create and write their story, the journey of your clients.

If your audience is too broad, split them into three segments and then imagine and create a real person for each. Give them a name, age and a marital status.

Write down:

  • a current situation they live in

  • what they face everyday

  • what keeps them awake at night

  • what are they looking for when reaching out to the brands and specialists who will make their lives better

Then, imagine and describe in detail how your clients find out about your brand, make a first contact and how you change their life with your products or services. This practice helps to not only understand your client, but also create a marketing strategy for your brand.

Also, think of what annoys you the most in the online space. On the websites you shop or social media accounts you follow (not anymore).

  • slow speed?

  • no subtitles in the video?

  • bad mobile responsiveness?

  • multiple pop-ups?

  • in-your-face chat bots?

  • carousels and slides that move so fast you can’t even read the text?

Simply, don’t apply those in your content creation ;-)

4. Look back, analyse and Re-use

I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel here. This tip is proven and has been working great for many businesses and a must do in 2023.

With the explosion of AI tools, the amount of content will overflow the internet.

You are probably sitting there thinking: 'Oh my God, I have to start singing, dancing or whatever else to attract attention?!’


Look back and re-use your old content. It’s going to take time, but it will pay off.

  • Gather your analytics (Google Analytics, Google Console, Social media insight)

  • Don’t have any yet? The time is now! Connect all your analytics.

  • Put together your old content: checklists, articles, posts, videos, stories and collaboration with relevant businesses

  • Analyse it for engagement and interaction and pick the winning ones

  • Revisit tip #1 and do it again. Better.

  • Transcribe videos, record content, break up the long reads into a story series, make a 30-day marathon from your checklist

Save your time. Save your budget. Give your old content a second life.

5. Search changes

My last tip to you was impacted by the latest news and changed a few times.

While I'm writing it down, Microsoft and Google are in the AI race. ChatGPT, Bard and Google guidelines for AI generated content; the robot’s mistakes and biased information; the way people search and the search engines respond to that.

While the tech side of research has changed and became more expensive and complicated, people tend to simplify things.

Take your online marketing channel that is the most effective and where your audience is. See a research box there? It’s the front door to your bakery, store or gym. The entry to your business where you should be using SEO.

Yes, this includes Google, Yandex, Yahoo, YouTube, Tik Tok, Discord and Telegram. You can optimise your content for your client’s internet searches.

If you are lucky to have a teenager at home, listen to how they talk to Siri, Alexia or Google Home. The words they use are:

  • Conversional

  • Straightforward

  • Full of details

You can easily understand whether they are just being curious and looking for entertainment or ready to spend their savings on the latest sneakers. It’s easy to understand their intent. And the research engines give accurate results back to them.

My formula is simple but effective:

Clarity + emotions = content that sells

If you want to create awareness or sell your product or service, invite friends and tell them in a casual vibe about your business. Don't complicate things. Don't use exotic words. Unless you grow and sell exotic fruit.

Did you record it? Write it down on your landing page and your website will be shown as a relevant and trustworthy brand.

If you follow these tips in 2023, you won’t burn out creating the content your audience needs (or wants) whilst doing what brings you money.

I wish you good luck, and I'm here to help you and answer any questions about entering new markets or growing your business.

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