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Luxury Brand copywriting for Inmuse Agency

Branding is not about what something says or what it means, but how it makes us feel.

The Hero

Inmuse is a London-based luxury branding agency that helps businesses thrive through visionary and aesthetic solutions.

The primary objective of the project was to update the written content on the website, so it reflects the company’s new brand positioning and services.

Inmuse needed to sound confident and professional while creating trust and credibility for luxury brands and look approachable.

Project scope:

· Brand message creation

· Competitors’ analysis

· Keywords research

· Website copywriting

· On-page SEO

The Story

During our discovery interview I defined three main aspects of the business that clearly communicate the benefits for potential clients in retail, hospitality and design:

  • Offer a full-service approach

  • Utilise the benefits of digital and physical space

  • Use the interaction of the five human senses

Luxury branding is very competitive and Inmuse needed to be “different”.

I suggested creating clear copy for services and processes, building more personal connection showing Gulim’s values and beliefs and articulating how the communication of human senses helps brands to connect and create a relationship with their clients.

The Reward

It was a pleasure to work with Gulim! She was involved in every process and we worked closely on every paragraph.

Adding her own passion for design and architecture, love for everything beautiful and desire to help brands grow, we created a strong message through all copy.

From the moment visitors land on the Inmuse website they feel creativity, can find all information they need and feel connected with Gulim and her team, trusting their needs in branding and promotion.

My work with Gulim turned into a trustful relationship. I became a part of the Inmuse team and “copywriter-to-go” for Gulim’s projects.

If you need to create unforgettable experiences for your customers through smell, sight, touch, sound and visual, check out Inmuse Agency.

The Tribute

I recently engaged Anna to write copy for our website and to do keywords research with competitors' analysis. I chose Anna because of her full-service personalised approach, warm and welcoming personality. I found working with Anna was very smooth, hassle-free and, yet, efficient. Anna is a brilliant copywriter. I would definitely recommend to my clients!

Furthermore, I am really glad that we are collaborating and working together on new exciting projects at Inmuse Agency.

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