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Local Business Copywriting for Primavera Clinic

Feel confident. Look healthy. Be happy.

The Hero

Primavera is a cosmetic, medical and laser clinic with practices in Brisbane and Mackay.

They offer exclusive services run by a beautician who is a qualified doctor and a nurse. The aesthetic medical clinic has a doctor-led approach for rejuvenation and minor skin conditions.

The beauty clinic, with more than a decade of experience in Europe and Australia, needed an online presence to save time explaining treatments and medical issues they can help with.

Primavera needed a formal tone with minimal copy and a clear message that the doctor-led clinic not only offers classic aesthetic services but is always up to date with the latest medical and clinical technology in the beauty industry.

Project scope:

·  Services descriptions

·  Skin and health conditions descriptions

·  Keywords research

·  About page

·  On-page SEO

·  Google business profile set-up

The Story

Sabina is a super busy, booked out professional. With the opening of two new locations in Brisbane and Mackay, she didn’t have much time, so she trusted me the whole lot .

Being a modest person, it was hard for her to articulate what sets Primavera Clinic apart from its competitors. By removing Sabina’s doubts, we were able to define the brand’s advantages. During our interview I was also deeply impressed by Sabina’s medical knowledge.

I decided to create linked treatment-condition pages where website visitors would see how they could fix their concerns or improve aesthetic appearance.

I opted to categorise treatments for easy and UX-friendly website flow:

·  Services are split into three categories

·  Treatments and health conditions follow the pattern of what, how and when with minimum copy

·  About page articulates clinic medical degrees and experience and ongoing upskilling

It was important to reassure Primavera’s audience that the beautician is confident. No pitch or sale promises, but showing expertise and telling what she helps with and what technology uses.

The Reward

Although the project took a bit longer than we thought (due to Sabina’s workflow), I loved the way we created our communication and feedback flow.

Sabina totally trusted me, and I relied on her professionalism.  She would send me relevant resources, industry terms and brands, I’d do my research and write copy. Based on her feedback and professional insights, I created relatively short descriptions with easy-to-recognise symptoms and linked treatments.

We were lucky to work with a long-time partner, WIX web developer, Olga Black, who beautifully realised the complicated web structure and created easy to navigate design.

I set up a Google business profile for the Mackay clinic to increase awareness for a new beauty salon in town and boost local SEO for the website.

Do you reckon we ended up friends with Sabina? We sure did! Now I know everything about the latest revolutionary treatments in clinical aesthetics and look forward to being “polished” by Sabina when I fit into her busy calendar 😉

The Tribute

I recently had the pleasure of working with Anna Mezhina on the writing of the consent on website and creation of Google Business Profile and must say that am thoroughly impressed with her work. The attention to detail, creativity and understanding of my brand's voice was exceptional. The content she delivered not only perfectly conveyed the message intended, but also engaged the target audience in a precise manner.

Throughout the collaboration, Anna Mezhina was professional, responsive, and open to revisions. Her prompt delivery and willingness to go above and beyond the scope of the project made the entire experience seamless and stress-free. Overall, I highly recommend Anna Mezhina to anyone in need of exceptional copiwriter that stands out and gets results.

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