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Framework for custom website content strategy

To bring more happiness into homes and offices every day

The Hero

Nima Sedigh is a mental fitness and relationship practitioner came up with the idea to create space to nurture mental growth and offer innovative approaches to delivering services.

His “Mindpractice” aims to be a "mind gym" for relationship advice, co-parenting guidance, executive relationships and team-building coaching. Nima wanted to create a user-friendly website with a robust SEO core that would attract the right audience.

The project scope included:

  • Industry research

  • Competitors' research

  • Competitors' report

  • Website structure and content strategy

  • Keywords research

  • On-page SEO

The Story

To fully understand Nima's vision for “Mindpractice”, I started with my comprehensive interview. We delved deep into the specifics of his business goals and the website functionality to meet clients’ needs.

Nima wanted more than just a website but a platform with a gym’s model where people can access group sessions, private classes and get FREE resources throughout the year from checklists and mind exercises to events and webinars designed to enhance mental fitness and interpersonal skills.

The industry and competitor research allowed me to find gaps in practitioners’ online presence and identify the best strategies to stand out in the saturated market. Based on my findings, I suggested an intuitive website structure supported by keyword research, ensuring that every page and service can be found by research engines and be attractive to people.

The Reward

The “Mindpractice” website was launched in just a short time, developed by a talented web designer. We create a website that is not only user-friendly but also comprehensive in its SEO solution for those seeking a new approach to mental well-being.

Working with Nima and helping him bring his vision to life has been an enriching experience

where every service is a step toward happiness and every day is an opportunity to grow.

If you want a user-friendly website with SEO in mind and a clear message that communicates a narrative of your brand and business goals, let's connect.

The Tribute

I recently engaged Anna Mezhina to create SEO fundamentals for my new website.

Anna did industry research, identified my competitors, did keyword research for my website, and created on-page SEO for all my main pages. She delivered a detailed report with a fantastic video of herself that explained what she had done, why and her recommendations.

I found her structure and approach meticulous, user-friendly and easy to understand. I strongly recommend her for any business.

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