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Content writing for e-commerce website - Jaroma Tea

Tea, anyone? Anytime is tea-time!

The Hero

Jaroma Tea is an Adelaide-based brand that creates, blends, and sells rare tea and classic tea blends for adventurous tea lovers and wellness enthusiasts.

Looking for a tea blend that is not only healthy, but aromatic and aesthetic (and fancy) at any time of the day? Tanja has you covered, with her delectable blends at Jaroma Tea.

Tanja has extensive experience in sales across different industries and a passion for art and beauty.  However, she found it difficult to express her ideas, create the brand's tone of voice and tell a story. 

Project scope:

●  Brand message strategy

●  Competitors analysis

●  Keywords research

●  E-commerce website structure

●  Website copywriting

●  On-page SEO

●  Ongoing after launch support

The Story

During our interview, Tanja was very passionate about her idea to give people the opportunity to try new, exotic, and “different” tea.

On the other hand, she wanted tea to become a ritual of everyday life. Whether you are bored with drinking water during fitness challenges, looking for an aromatic tea after a relaxing massage, or perhaps something fancy for iced tea or a unique mocktail, Jaroma Tea is the store to find it all.

While the keyword research was quite a clear process, I had to find long-tailed and relevant words to align with tea naming. I also encouraged Tanja to optimise every image for her e-commerce website to boost SEO and create additional traffic.

The Reward

We’ve agreed to create a World of Tea concept and invite potential clients into a story that helps discover unique flavours and aromas.

Also, I used easy and well known words for the brand’s tagline. Short and sweet and encompasses the vision of Jaroma Tea – to make tea a healthy and fancy drink for everyone at any time.

I’ve worked closely with Tanja throughout the entire project. Through comments, audio messages, and long talks over a cup of tea, she shared her ideas and doubts and I converted them into powerful words that shaped the Jaroma Tea brand.

Tatiana had a rocket start! With the website launch at the end of June, 2023 she went to a few markets, came back to me for another four tea descriptions, and sold some of her collection’ stock by the end of August.

Have we become friends? We sure have 😉 And I’m enjoying an aromatic rare tea blend while writing this case study.

If you are looking for an aromatic and fancy drink to impress your friends or classic organic tea to enjoy a moment, Jaroma Tea has it all.

The Tribute

I recently had the pleasure of working with Anna from Salute World on my brand new website copy write content and SEO , and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism, creativity, and expertise she brought to the table. Anna's exceptional copywriting skills have exceeded my expectations, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

From the very beginning, Anna demonstrated a deep understanding of my project's objectives and target audience. She took the time to thoroughly research my industry, ensuring that her writing would resonate with potential customers. This attention to detail and commitment to delivering a tailored message was truly remarkable.
What sets Anna apart is her ability to craft compelling and persuasive content. Her writing style is engaging, captivating, and perfectly suited to my brand's tone and voice. She effortlessly captured the essence of my business and translated it into powerful words that truly reflect my vision. Each piece of copy she delivered was well-researched, well-structured, and beautifully written.
Aside from her exceptional writing skills, Anna's professionalism and responsiveness throughout the entire project were outstanding. She consistently met deadlines, promptly addressed any questions or concerns, and was always open to feedback and revisions. Her level of dedication and commitment to delivering a high-quality end product is truly commendable.
Working with Anna from Salute Word has been an absolute pleasure. Her expertise, passion for writing, and attention to detail have made a significant impact on my business. I have no doubt that her exceptional copywriting skills have played a vital role in attracting and engaging my target audience.
If you are looking for a talented copywriter who can bring your brand to life and master of SEO, I highly recommend Anna from Salute Word. Her creativity, professionalism, and ability to create compelling content are unparalleled. I am confident that she will exceed your expectations, just as she did for me. Thank you, Anna, for your exceptional work. I look forward to collaborating with you again in the future.

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