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Content marketing strategy for Autokat Recycling

Successful overseas business entering the Australian market.

The Hero

Do you know what a catalytic converter is? I didn't have a clue until two years ago.

Autokat Recycling is a Sydney-based catalytic converter collector, processor, and buyer that offers transparent pricing.

Sergey and his marketing team from Russia needed what sounded simple but meant to be a big and strategic project.

The project goals were:

·  To be on the first page of Google

·  To become known as a reliable buyer in Sydney (later across Australia & Pacific)

·  They had been on the Australian market for more than one year and gained no online visibility or traffic through their website.

Project scope:

·  Website audit

·  Competitors analysis

·  Keywords research

·  Proposed content strategy

·  Website rewriting

·  On-page SEO

·  Google Business Profile setup and management

The Story

So, we needed to understand why the website was not an asset for the company.

My brief and meetings included three time zones: the owner, the marketing director and the web developer.

The in-depth website audit revealed:

·  Some technical issues, including language configuration

·  Slow loading speed

·  No local optimisation

·  Errors in English and no content adaptation and localisation

·  Ranking for three organic keywords only

·  No on-page SEO

The biggest challenge was to understand the business, the industry terms, and more importantly, localise it to the Australian market.

From desktop research and focus group interviews to the extended tools of SEMrush and the analysis of the Australian market of selling and buying used catalytic converters, I can tell you everything about it now.

The Reward

I'm very thankful to Sergey and his team for being patient and cooperative with me.

I suggested:

·  A new website structure

·  Proposed keywords for new services pages

·  Website rewriting

·  Local SEO improvement

·  Google Business Profile launch and management

We've been working side by side with the Autokat web developer (mostly at night shifts due to the time zone) to implement all the changes and create a simple journey for the potential sellers.

Autokat now is:

·  In the top 10 positions for nine organic words with commercial and transactional intent

·  Gained visibility and ranking for Sydney and Australia

·  Ranking for 326 organic words ( after three blog articles)

·  In the local pack for target keywords, which is very important for local businesses.

It has been one of my most challenging and favourite jobs, which turned into a retainer project and keeps evolving with industry trends and business needs.

Big thanks to the team in Moscow! We've moved a lot in two years.

Surely, we ended up friends, had a drink with Sergey during his trip to Brisbane, and I still manage their Google Business Profile.

If you need to sell your old catalytic converter for good money, I recommend Autokat Recycling 

The Tribute

We contacted Anna for several services. She ran our website audit first with detailed competitors analysis and keywords research. Based on the audit report, she proposed a new website structure and suggested to use Google my Business extensively. Then she wrote a new copy for our website adapted to Australian audience and a couple blog articles. She is managing our GMB profile and translating captures for social media on a retaining contract. Anna writes engaging and persuasive copy, has a marketing set of skills and is attentive to details. She's also fun to work with and we are happy to have her in our team.

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