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Ensuring the success of immigrants in business, building confidence in the market and driving sales

Worried that you’re an outsider and will find it hard to build relationships?
That your business doesn’t quite ‘fit’?

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Are you fearful of entering a new market?

There’s nothing easy about starting a new life and a business in a new country.

How do I know these things for sure? I’ve done them both! Actually, I’ve done the first one a few times, and it doesn’t always get easier. Having lived and worked on three different continents now, I know how challenging it can be.

I help immigrant-owned businesses to reduce the stress of trying to do it in a whole different country

I will​

  • work with you to navigate cultural and language barriers

  • take the stress out of creating meaningful content for your business

  • enable you to better understand your business and identify your brand

  • help you work within your budget and meet your financial goals

  • open up a world of opportunities for your business 

  • listen and ensure you feel valued and respected


At Salute World, my focus is you, your business, and your success. 

I’m Anna,


I’m here to help you feel safe and comfortable and hit the ground running so that you and your business are successful, whether you’re based in Australia or anywhere else across the globe. 


Your culture and background can be used to your advantage.  As an immigrant myself, I know the challenges you’ll face and how to help you. I help you to achieve your goals.


Whether you’re an existing business trying to transfer to a new market, or if you are a startup looking to establish yourself

I help you navigate the scary world of personal branding, ecommerce and SEO to ensure your website showcases you at your best. 

There are type of people who has "ten-million" ideas in a minute. So, if just as me, you are one of them too, go to this lady and ask her to help sort all this mess in your head! Anna will keep under her control the whole process of creating content for your business by underlining your strongest parts. 

I engaged Anna to write copy for our website and to do keywords research with competitors' analysis. I chose Anna because of her full-service personalised approach, warm and welcoming personality. I found working with Anna was very smooth, hassle-free and, yet, efficient.  Anna is a brilliant copywriter. I would definitely recommend to my clients! 

I engaged Anna to write content for my new website. I chose Anna because I knew she could provide me with content aligned to my brand and goals. I wanted down to earth & approachable content and she delivered! Anna is extremely talented, patient and goes the extra mile to provide 100% customer satisfaction. 

Successful migrapreneurs

Read awesome stories of successful dreamers like you

Kamilla Yazgan

Flora Beauty Station

Gulim Satekova

Inmuse Agency

Jemima Herman

Senior Microsoft Consultant

Don't feel confident?

Need help to enter new market and overcome

language and culture barries?

Don’t be a stranger, I welcome you.

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