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SEO web copywriting trends in 2021

More than ever, your business needs to pay attention and understand what is affecting your customers’ decision. Acting differently and responding to the constant shift in customer's demands is essential in rapid changes.

When thinking of rebranding your established business or creating written content for a start-up in 2021, consider a few SEO copy trends for engaging user experience.

1. Be the lighthouse in the ocean of supply

As a lockdown continues in many countries, users spend more time online, but their purchasing journey changed as well. It created a window-shopping trend, and you need to provide a fantastic display with your content. Use in your copy and content words like “virtual”, “how to”, or “ideas” to increase traffic.

Associate your business with inspiration and desires for customers, and make sure your website is performing well.

2. Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is as crucial as ever

Your website header’s title that answers the client’s question can shorten the distance with your prospects and prove your loyal clients’ choice. Make sure your above the folder words focus on customers benefits and have a positive emotional context.

3. Stand out with your WHYs to be chosen.

With COVID impacting buyers behaviour, one of the biggest changes is how carefully consumers choose who they buy from. The price, customer service and quality are not enough for making purchase decisions any more. People consider “empathy” and “ethical brands” as well as “sustainability”, “impact”, and “support local” to associate themself with social or environmental impact.

4. Offer value without adding costs.

Many companies went online last year, and it created massive competition for businesses. Consumers are discovering more services and products for their needs. To win a client in your niche, offer more value with no adding costs. Increasing usage of “local delivery and pick up” and “discount” together with “response time” and “customer support” for your existing service, you get more chances to be noticed.

5. Simplify your customers’ journey.

From the moment a sweet stranger lands on your website to his check out point, make sure that you save your clients time and effort. Whether it is a desktop or mobile version optimisation, explain in details your “product description”, connect your offer with benefits, use simple navigation and provide easy payment options adding a personalised touch.

In a time of uncertainty, your business needs to be ready for rapid changes and respond to consumers’ demand and unpredictable behaviour.

Whether you invest into long term or supply temporary habits for customers, stay faithful to your ideas while adapting to people’ perceptions and behaviours changes.

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