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E-commerce Website Services for Pearloir Jewellery

People will stare. Make it worth their while.

The Hero

Pearloir is a UK-based luxury jewellery e-commerce shop that designs and sells statement gold, pearl and gemstone pieces for different occasions, outfits and moods.

Anastasia and her start-up needed to create the brand story, eye-catching and memorable product descriptions and copy for a brand new website all with SEO in mind.

Pearloir wanted to sound elegant, while creating trust and a sense of care and belonging to fashionable, but affordable, jewellery.

Project scope:

● Brand story creation

● Competitors analysis

● Keywords research

● Website copywriting

● On-page SEO

● GBP support

The Story

After a detailed brief, I ran a discovery interview with Anastasia. I wanted to understand the brand and beyond to find those magic moments, and see how Anastasia’s love and admiration for jewellery turned into a business idea.

When looking for the unique proposition and brand story for Pearloir, I had to combine the luxurious materials, transformable designs and women’s desire to look glamorous, no matter the time of day.

After a competitors’ analysis, I suggested the intuitive website structure, categories and additional pages to bring more traffic to the website.

Then keywords research was done for each page and every jewellery product description. Nearly 30 pages of the website were optimised with the best SEO practices to reach a wider audience with copy that included the brand personality and spoke their language.

The Reward

Thanks to Anastasia, who was passionate and cooperative, we defined a strong branding message, Pearloir’s values and the main benefits it delivers to customers.

I suggested the idea of feminine and sexy copy that created a strong desire for women to feel confident, fashionable and attract attention any time, anywhere.

From the moment customers visit Pearloir’s social media channels, land on the website and receive beautifully packaged jewellery with an insert card they feel luxury, care and sigh: “Wow, it’s beautiful”.

Pearloir was my 2022 featured project, which blossomed into a beautiful friendship with Anastasia.

If you need jewellery to make the memorable entrance, check out Pearloir Jewellery Shop

The Tribute

I worked with Anna on a full website copywriting. We created a new website from a scratch. She is an amazing copywriter to work with! I feel my brand is articulated perfectly in written words. She is more than a fantastic writer, she really connects with the brand to bring it to life in words. She accomplishes all tasks on time, provides suggestions for improvement, and takes all our comments into consideration. She asked the right questions to understand and articulate the brand in the way it was intended. Her copy exceeded my expectation! If you looking for someone who can speak to a luxury client base, I would 100% recommend Anna for the job. 

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